The Coordinator of the Andalusia with Palestine, which brings together more than a dozen social groups and organizations in Andalusia, organizes several events in the week of May, 15 in celebration of the Nakba. It is a tragic date on the calendar that reminds about the catastrophe suffered by the Palestinian native population when expelled from their land in 1948 by the terrorist groups of the new state of Israel. Nearly 800,000 people lost their homes in what has now become the largest refugee community in the world with more than 5 million people still waiting to return home.

The celebration of the 69th anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe) coincides with a massive hunger strike in the prisons occupied in part by Palestinian political prisoners who denounced Israel's policy of imprisonment as a practice of collective punishment and demand better conditions in the Prisons.

More than 1600 Palestinian prisoners have joined the hunger strike in what is the largest prison strike in history. Among the strikers are elected deputies, another 70 politicians and 13 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, including the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sa'ada and the protest leader, Fatah Marwan Barghouti which has denounced that the Israeli courts "are tools of oppression and not of justice" before the Pope Francisco.

Currently, there are 6500 Palestinian prisoners, including 57 women, 300 minors, and 18 journalists. In addition, 800 are in need of medical care and about 500 remain in prison under the so-called "administrative detention", that allows the arrest of a person without charges for a period of six months that can be extended indefinitely.

Before such humiliation, torture, lack of healthcare, food and education, the Palestinian political prisoners, as on previous occasions, have taken a strong determination to carry out a hunger strike until their demands are met.

After a month of this terrible hunger strike in extreme conditions, the response of the Israeli authorities has been nothing more than the increase of repressive and disciplinary measures, the prisoners' isolation, the prohibition of lawyers' assistance, suppression of the family members' visit and the reallocation of strikers in other prisons.

Due to the gravity of this situation, the organizations gathered around the Andalusian Coordinator ask:

  1. Elected members of our public institutions (councilmen, deputies, politicians) to stand in solidarity with our friends in Israeli jails and participate in the actions called for and encourage the boycott of companies and institutions that maintain any kind of links with illegal practices in The Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), for example, the HP technology and the security company G4S, both providers of the system of repression and control of the prisons and the arrest of the population in the TPOs

  2. That the Civil Society joins the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) campaign until Israel fulfills its international obligations and participates in the #SaltWaterChallenge campaign in solidarity with the struggle for the dignity of Palestinian prisoners by drinking a Glass of saltwater and uploading it in the Social Medias.



  • Granada: May, 15th -17th. University of Granada

Lectures about Palestine from a decolonial perspective within the framework of the university days “Acción-Saberes Decoloniales/Semilleros de Investig-Acción”.

  • Sevilla: May, 17th, 8 o’clock pm. Plaza Nueva.

Act of Solidarity with striking prisoners.

  • Cádiz: May,15th, 7 o’ clock pm, Paseo  Carlos III (antiguo aulario “la bomba”)

Conference "70 years of the Nakba and the struggle for Palestinian rights: The BDS-ELAI Campaign" with Hector Grand, professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and member of IJAN (Anti-Zionist Jews network)

  • May, 19th, 9 o’ clock. #SaltWaterChallenge en 22º Festival Stop Racismo

San Roque (Cádiz): May, 19th, 7 o’ clock, Alameda de San Roque.

  • #SaltWaterChallenge- Act of Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in hunger strike.

Málaga: May, 19th, 20:00 o ‘clock pm, Alcazabilla Street.

  • #SaltWaterChallenge- Act of Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in hunger strike.

Almería: May, 15th, 11 o ‘clock, in front of Cajamar Building.

  • Act of Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in hunger strike.

Aracena (Huelva): May, 19th to 28th, Aracena Theater.

  • Exhibition "Palestina Existe"